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Database Structure

See also the WIKI page on CATS Developer documentation. It tends to be more up to date than this page, but is still incomplete.


One record per possible answer


One record per incorrect answer in any test, for statistic purposes


LEARNPROGRESS stores one record for each test which is done. Primary key is "lp_id" (autoincrement), "user_id" and "root" refer to a USER record. Other columns:


One record per possible question


For backward compatibility only, do not use anymore!

This table lists the different kind of questions.

Currently the following types are supported:

Note: The definition of this table does not support adding of new user interface languages very well, since every new language needs a new column in this table. The table should be retired soon and replaced with another one which supports adding UI languages without modification of database structure!


Replacement for QUESTIONTYPE-table, which supports adding new languages dynamically


An optional explanation for a question, which is shown during the debriefing of a test.


One (or no) record per question, for statistic purposes


Type of a test, "what is the test good for". Corresponds to CATS_TYPE on the main database, but matching is done by text.

One TOPIC_TYPE entry usually referenced by one or more (one for each supported language) entries in TOPICS


One record per kind of test. Corresponds to CATS_VARIANT on the main database


Table USER contains the user records for the test. A user record is related to one certificate which is used for login.

The primary key is the combination of "user_id" (serial number of the certificate) and "root" (issuer of the certificate). The only other column currently in use is "admin" which is set to 1 for users with administrative privileges.


Currently not used